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Paul Boichat Drama Reel
Paul Boichat Drama Reel


Paul Boichat Commercial Reel
Paul Boichat Commercial Reel
I’m an actor who’s exchanged the possibility of a grey but reliable corporate career for a disreputable life speaking other people’s words. This passion/perfectly timed midlife-crisis survived drama school training and is now being tested by the reality of actor-life; hunting for work, surviving auditions, the anguished waiting on my agent’s call and wondering how I’ll feed the kids after Christmas.
Yet I’ve never felt more alive. And, recent TV and film roles suggest that maybe, just maybe, there’s hope.
If you’re interested in more details the Honest Actor’s podcast is a great place to start. Especially this one featuring me being a bit too honest.
One day, when asked what I do, I will confidently say that ‘I’m an actor’, but let’s not rush things.



Height: 183cm (6')
Weight: 71kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Bases: London, West Country, Yorkshire & Lake District

Screen Selection

We Are Lady Parts: Dir. Nida Manzoor, Channel 4/NBC Universal
Dream Horse: Dir. Euros Lyn, Film4 Productions
Trigonometry: Dir. Stella Corradi, House Productions for BBC
In Plain Sight: Dir. Magnus Berggren
Dusk: Dir. Jake Graff
The Colour of People: Dir. Col Norrish
The Goodbye: Dir. George Velez

Stage Selection

Under God's Arm: Dir. Alison Mead, Drayton Arms
Kingdom: Dir. Racheal Bellis, White Bear Theatre
Macbeth: Dir. David Houston, Alhambra Theatre Bradford
How About Cannons: Dir. Jonathon Carr, Southwark Playhouse
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